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Over 1,000 Somethings Have Been Sold
Nov. 28
Over 1000 Somethings Have Been Sold

Just before the dawn of our first month since the launch, we have reached another milestone: Over 1,000 “somethings” have been ordered! Thank you very much, to all those who have ordered, told their friends/family/colleagues about SomethingStore, and mentioned about us on their websites.

As we're getting off the ground, we are very carefully listening to your feedback and taking steps to improve our service, every day. While almost everybody liked our idea, some reviews on our execution were mixed: Some people loved their something, while others did not care about theirs so much, which is understandable. Mainly, some buyers have suggested that we could improve on shipping times, variety of the merchandise as well as quality of the items. We acknowledge that we have a lot of room for improvements on every aspect of our business and we are trying our best to accomplish them. We also know that we won't be able to make everyone happy (two people received the same item, one called it "fugly", the other one said "very pretty, thanks" :) ), but we will continue to try.

As we're getting ready to expand (into Canada) and improve (custom branded packaging, new and fun merchandise, etc.) our service, we're excited for the future and, once again, thankful for your continued interest and support.

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