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Oct. 28
SomethingStore LaunchesAn idea: Offer the good people of World Wide Web something. Let them not know what it is until they get it. After all, if anything can be sold on the Internet, why not something? Is it dumb? Or is it brilliant? Something in between? We couldn't decide. Here is so you can decide.

We registered our name, over a year ago. Since then we fine-tuned our strategy, filled our little warehouse with many different somethings, and spent some quality procrastination periods. Now, we're here, on an open road... not seeing what's ahead, but anxiously hopeful. Poetic too, as it seems.

October 28th of 2007, Sunday. It is clear, sunny day in Brooklyn, NY, so we decided to launch. We hope you will join us to enjoy the lightness of unpredictability for us,  and for you as well.

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