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Upcoming Changes at SomethingStore
by Sami Bayrakci

We're making some changes and adding new features that we wanted to inform our blog readers of:

Ordering Multiple "Somethings"
We have received orders as high as 10 somethings per person (Thank you, David). So it means you guys want more! We will be adding multiple somethings option to our order page soon. You will be able select 1, 2 or 3 somethings per order.

Surprise A Friend
Our idea was to for our visitors to surprise themselves. But, some of you have asked to be able to send "something" someone else. We're contemplating to how to do this the best and working on it. If you have any suggestions please let us know. For example, would you like to give the "something" itself or would you like to give them a gift certificate number so they canget it themselves?

Removing city name from Something Tracker

Something Tracker page proved to be a popular one, not surprisingly. We're selecting a few highlights from daily shipments and featuring them along with their destinations. But, when we give out the city name recipients are guessing, correctly in most cases, what their something will be. Since we want to surprise you that isn't helping much, so we will only mention the name of the state starting from tomorrow.

We'd love to hear your suggestions, questions and feedback. Please drop us a line here. Thanks!

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